“I wish I could check all the boxes on Andrew. He truly is an exceptional coach and one who has left an indelible mark on me. I have been impressed with his entire approach, from the upfront exploration to the manner in which he conducts the sessions.

Andrew utilizes his personal integrity in all that he does. He probes where necessary but did not get in my face unnecessarily. He is always prepared for our meetings and is diligent in the follow up. The tools he utilizes are original and lead to many creative thoughts. His linkage to the true items of value, including my desires and dreams, is extremely effective. I can not recommend this man any higher. You will not be disappointed if you hire him.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative

-Iain, Business Executive


“Have you ever had someone enter your life that you knew was there for a reason? That’s what happened when I met Drew, but I didn’t know why. After a year of working with Drew as a coach, I now know why.  I had a pattern of building up my business and relationships to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Then I would contract to protect myself. This pattern of expansion and contraction kept me feeling stuck.

Drew has a vast toolbox that has helped me immensely. By coaching me to reframe my feelings of overwhelm, my business is 45% more profitable than a year ago. I’m not as afraid to seek out bigger commitments in my life.  I appreciate that Drew is not the type of Coach that only dwells on what’s broken. Drew is great at identifying, and celebrating, the things are working in my life. By helping me recognize my innate gifts, I now feel confident calling myself a professional speaker.

Drew is fearless is helping to recognize when I let my saboteur voice dictate my thought process. Unfortunately, I can go there pretty easily. Through humor and firm guidance, Drew helps me realign.  It feels really great to have Drew in my corner as a trusted coach. We both want to live life fully. His coaching is very helpful for me in accomplishing this goal.”  Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

David, Business Owner, Keynote Speaker, Graphics Designer


“Drew is absolutely AMAZING at finding the “things” you allow to stop your productivity. He truly digs in and helps you discover all of your potential. He is a master at discerning the impediments that can effect people and their abilities to communicate with each other. He has been an invaluable asset to our company and the culture that we have built at Trinity Restaurant Group.”  Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

-DS, Business Owner


“I retained Drew as a professional coach to provide me with strategies and insight into my professional and personal development. I was faced with a complex set of career decisions that required true insight and articulation; and I was having trouble coming up with both.

By working with Drew, I was able to identify the core issues in my professional and personal development that, once focused on with his steady, insightful and reliable support, could be positively addressed and strategies developed to successfully negotiate my career path. It is doubtful that I would have arrived at the same conclusions without his interpretive perspicacity and sharp interpersonal skills. He is an excellent listener and creative problem solver.

I highly recommend him to anyone in need of similar guidance, or guidance of any kind; either for the short or long term. My relationship with Drew has empowered me to take actions on my own that have propelled me through what had become a professional quagmire, into a proactive and informed advocate for my own self. I have no doubt that I will seek his keen intellect, clear and simple-spoken feedback and solid understanding of the human dynamic in the future, and on a regular basis.” Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

-David, RN, IT Business Executive


“Drew is a man of total integrity, character and knowledge. The time I spent with him coaching me was invaluable. He not only listens but is able to take what you say and process it in a way that makes sense and motivates change. I am so impressed with his ability to help make changes in my life and give me insight on areas of my life that needed a lot of light. I not only recommend Andrew I completely suggest you consider and try him out.”  Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

-Mark, Owner & President, Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine


“It has been a pleasure meeting with Andrew and also getting to know him on a more personal level. He is very passionate about coaching. He has consistently shown the ability to discern recurring themes and has unique and creative ways to address them. He is terrific at finding those “nuggets”. Add to that his high level of integrity and you have a special individual that is very effective at coaching.” Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

-Mark, CPA & Business Executive

“Andrew did a phenomenal job as a coach for me. In only a handful of sessions with him I was able to identify some behaviors that were keeping me from reaching my true leadership potential at work.  The real power in his coaching came with an easy to follow game plan for success. I am enjoying work a lot more and have a deeper and more rewarding relationships with my patients and colleagues.  He has helped me become a better doctor. These same successes at work have spilled over to my personal life, too. I couldn’t ask for a better coach and recommend Andrew without reservation.”  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

DF, Physician


“Lawson Coaching offers a means of redefining your life. With Drew’s coaching the potential of an “examined life” is developed and its benefits realized. Drew has the experience and tools that allow those that work with him to clearly refine their goals, gaining a deeper understanding of what they really want and the opportunity to get it.

It is the relational nature of his coaching; the partnering that he provides that has made such a lasting impact on my life. With Drew’s help the course of my life has forever changed, he has been a true source of inspiration and wisdom in my life. When faced with difficult decisions I have been immensely lucky to have had the opportunity to turn to Drew for coaching. I know he looks forward to the opportunity of improving your life, in ways similar to the improvements made in mine. I have deeply appreciated his help and coaching and I know that those looking to explore the possibilities of their lives will as well. ”

Chris, Medical Student


“I have had the pleasure of working with Drew Lawson as my professional coach for the past 6 months.  It has been an encouraging and thoughtful experience.  In the short time that we have met, I have been able to apply tools that I learned to understand what drives the decisions and responses that I choose in daily life.  Drew has made it easier for me to deal with challenges in life by helping me to understand the underlying reason for the choices that I make.  It has been an eye opening experience, and one that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am grateful for the continued growth and the successes that have been made, and look forward to more insight.”

John, Physician’s Assistant


“Before the six months spent coaching with Drew, I wasn’t sure what I wanted in life, and what qualities/traits I have or don’t have! I did have low self-esteem and lack of confident in the things that I did. When a friend from medical school suggested coaching with Drew, I was uncertain of what I can get out of the coaching process, but I decided to give it a try.

Drew never tells me the straight/direct answer I wanted to hear about who I am or what I need to do next. Instead, he challenged me and guided me so that I can discover my inner traits and what needed to be done. I can’t summarize everything I have learned in 6 months in a few lines, but the one take home message I learned and will continue to carry with me through life is the “NOW moment” that Drew and I talked about.  I used to spent so much time trying to come up with plans for tomorrow and next week, yet failed to just take a deep breath and appreciate the present time.  Now is the time to do what I want to do, not one hour later or tomorrow, or next week. If I keep dwelling on planning for tomorrow, I can never be happy and truly appreciate what I have right at this moment!

After going through Drew’s coaching program, I feel more confident in myself.  Everyone does possess positive traits. Certain times, we dwell so much on the negatives, that we fail to see the positives.  Drew challenged me consistently on everything I said and did, so that I can see that for myself.  Thank you Drew for the time, dedication, patience, and guidance that you have provided through all these times!”

-V.N., Medical Student


“Dr. Lawson is extremely skilled at promoting self acceptance and self understanding.  One of the best ways of leading a happier and more understanding life is knowing yourself.  Without fail, sessions with Dr. Lawson helped me look inside myself and discover new facets of what I cared about and how to share these with others.  Working with Dr. Lawson has helped my friendships and thoughts be deeper and more connected.  In various aspects of my life where I interact with people, I find I’m more comfortable sharing with others how I think and feel.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Lawson as an understanding and helpful guide to self knowledge and deeper relationships.”

-L.R., College Student


“Drew has great positive energy about him and a passion to see people succeed.  Moving towards my dreams and goals is hard.  There are many negative voices that try to hold me back; outside voices and voices within.  Drew has helped me move toward the positive activities and results I am seeking without getting bogged down in the negative or destructive forces that want to keep me from success.  Drew has given me confidence to become the man God has made me to be and I am grateful.

Since working with Drew, my writing project has become a book proposal and we are moving toward publication of our first non-fiction work.  My wife and I have become well-regarded speakers in our field and we are speaking regularly at workshops and conferences.

There are certain things in my life that bring me energy and joy and others that drain me and hold me down.  Drew has helped me find the places of resonance in my life and helped me stay there longer.  This has not only helped in moving toward ministry success, but has had a positive impact on my marriage and my relationship with my kids.”

-T.K., Author, Speaker, & Pastor


What Drew’s colleagues have to say about him:

“Drew is a great leader with a quiet confidence–his professional work ethic is contagious. He has been a mentor to me since joining the group and continues to give invaluable guidance and support and be an ongoing coach and colleague. I am both lucky and proud to be a part of his team at Mission. As a physician he is at the top of his game and is always a pleasure to work with.”

-Dan, Emergency Physician, Colleague


“Goes the extra mile in helping others. Always greets everyone with a warm smile, never too busy to spend a minute with families. Works as a team with the physicians and nurses in providing great care to all patients.

Despite the uncertain crazy environment of the ER, works hard to provide optimal care and comfort for the patient. Smiles during even the most hectic situations. Always helping other nurses and staff with their work. A real team player in the rapidly changing environment of the ER.

Does not crack under pressure. I remember once during a code, he was comforting the family while helping with the code blue. The extra mile he goes makes my job so much easier.”

-Mike, Emergency Physician, Colleague